Responsibilities, safety as a standard

Dangerous Goods and Awareness of Tasks and Responsibilities

Managers and Directors are not always aware that they are all Responsible!

Safety is an investment that will not pay off in proffit….

We at i4Safety have no doubt that your company will have good intentions with safety in general.
Safety, in most cases, is the responsibility of just a few knowledgeable persons in your company.

To make everybody aware and understand that safety concerns us all, initial-, and maintained training is the key to make your operation less sensitive for mistakes that can result in fines, incidents, and even worse, accidents.

 If nobody takes care of it…..!

Safety with Dangerous Goods as a standard

..obvious if you understand risk…

We do expect engineers to do their job safe and accurate before we would board an aircraft.

But how about the Safety Performance in your organization…?

Employees do enjoy a safe working environment, and always feel more motivated and involved if all safety issues have been organized!

We all expect that, for example the oil companies or the aviation industry, are meeting all the required safety standards. If you would have a closer look at the level of knowledge, or the safety procedures within your own company, there might still be options for improvement.

Safety is what we all expect from others…..