Storage and Handling

Transport of Dangerous Goods

Transport of Dangerous Goods

Moving Dangerous Goods safely is all about taking the right decisions.

Risk prevention and control can only be optimized if employees have received proper training to gain awareness….

i4Safety can offer you:

Air Transport

IATA-DGR / ICAO-TI’s (Annex 18)

All Categories of personnel (also the new Competency Based Training and Training Assessment Programs)

Sea Transport


All Categories of personnel

Road Transport


All Categories of personnel

Code Federal Regulations 49 (CFR-49)

All Categories of personnel

Storage and Handling Dangerous Goods

Globalization also means Harmonization of Regulations.

Can you, or your personnel handle all these serious changes in all the Transport-, and Storage Regulations?

From this very moment, all products containing dangerous goods require to meet with the Globally Harmonized System.

This means that all these products around the world require new labeling.

Implementation could be a struggle, but how about understanding of these new labels with symbols in a working environment?

All Safety Data Sheets will from now on need to show Hazard-, and Precautionary Sentences instead of the Risk-, and Safety Sentences. Changes in the classification for Environmentally Hazardous Materials will mean serious changes on many SD Sheets.

The Transport Classification is more often implemented in local Environmental regulations. Do all environmental inspectors understand the meaning of this change?

In Aviation, Safety was Harmonized from the beginning…