Certified and approved training products

i4Safety provides a wide variety of High Quality Dangerous Goods Safety Training at any location on the globe.
With a network of professionals, highly skilled and experienced, active in the industry, we have chosen to only offer you the Best.
Our Training products:
·  All Aviation Safety Training (ICAO Annex 18 related)
.  All Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations (IATA DGR, ADR, IMDG-Code)
·  Aviation Security Training (ICAO Annex 17 related)
·  Awareness and In-depth Dangerous Goods Training
·  Handling and Storage of DG (Labor & Environmental related)
·  Any requested Safety/DG training
More about the Transport training
More about the Storage and Handling training

If your safety training has to be done anyway.., why not enjoy something valuable….?

i4Safety…….Objective + Knowledge = Success!